Descaling A Tyent Water Ionizer Is Best Done By A Trained Person

If the job is just to dismantle a few plates and remove the calcium or salt deposits – why can’t I do it on my own? This is a common question that you would hear in households, especially by the brave member of the family who thinks this can be done in a blink of an eye. Though the process might sound quite simple, it might turn out to be a total disaster when you try to put pack the various parts that you have dismantled. Instead of all this, the best solution would be to call in a professional maintenance person who can descale your machine and get it back to its original state, for a couple of dollars, of course! Descaling a Tyent water ionizer is not going to set you back thousands of dollars – it is certainly going to be a nominal fee that you can take care of as part of your household expenses.


To understand what really happens in the process of descaling, it is important to know how scaling actually happens. There are thin plates of metal that are placed within the ionizers; these plates, overtime, start forming a very thin layer which is more or less like a coating. This coating could be caused by either calcium or any other salts that are present in the water that gets deposited on these plates with constant use of the ionizers. When the scaling happens the process of filtration does not take place as it should. The flow of water is hampered and the water that you get is not completely filtered in the best possible way. In addition to this, there is also the problem of time.

Has Your Water Been Tested?

One way of getting to know whether your water ioniser will work well or not did you get your water tested. Basically, you are trying to find out whether the water is hard or soft. Now,  let us explain what hard and soft water is all about. When the water contains a high percentage of salts, it means it is hard water. It is not necessary that the salt here is only sodium; it could be others as well. A common way of checking the quality of water is to see how your chrome-plated tap fittings react over a couple of months to untreated water. If you find that they are becoming discoloured, you know that the water is hard.

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