The Chemistry Involved In Making The Perfect Perfume

When you hear about two people hitting it off, you are talking about the chemistry that they share. One often wonders what science has to do in a relationship; well, the answer is quite simple, if you know how to connect the dots. Whether you are speaking of two people or the liking that you might have for a certain smell, the science is almost the same. What is that element that makes you quite comfortable in the presence of a specific person? Similarly, what is that scent that makes you feel comforted and not nauseous? You realize that the common thing that links these two situations in the feeling of contentment that one experiences. Nothing can actually equal that feeling and that is why we prefer one perfume over another.


When you say that you prefer a particular perfume, it means that you are able to single it out in a multitude of other perfumes. There are some luxury perfume brands that are so well known that even to make an imitation is a costly affair. Everything finally depends on that one part of our body – our noses. If you have a problem with your olfactory senses, it is not going to matter whether there are people wearing expensive or cheap perfumes. If you are planning to buy a good bottle of scent to present to your close friend, it is important that you do this shopping when you have a clear nose. In today’s COVID-19 situation, you are likely to find this a bit difficult to do, especially if you are wearing a mask. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the ability of your nose to identify the fragrance that is right for you.


This is another point that needs to be borne in mind while wearing perfumes (head over to for niche perfume samples). If you are in the habit of wearing a lot of make-up, there are chances that each element of the make-up has a unique smell. When these smells combine among themselves, there might not be much of a problem; the issue is when you combine them with a strong scent. This is when the resulting smell might no longer be pleasant. In fact, it can turn into a malodourous element that really messes up your idea of what you want to smell like.

So, remember the facts about chemistry and how things mix to generate new smells or fragrances; check them out before you decide to wear them to a party.

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