The Quality Of Storage Equipment Is Key To Maintaining Quality In MHRA Approved Warehousing UK

Not all drugs are required to be in refrigerated storage spaces; there are many drugs that can be stored in ambient temperatures and remain in good condition for a fairly long period. It would be important to note that these drugs have specialised procedures also for transportation not just for storage alone. Usually, the personnel responsible for receipt of these medicines in MHRA approved warehousing UK companies, are specially trained to handle these drugs that require immediate refrigeration. As per the protocol that is generally followed, the staff who have been assigned to receive such medicine that comes into the facility are required to check and confirm whether the products have been transported under the conditions that were recommended. Once this is done it is possible for auditing authorities to check and certify that the products have not been compromised in any way during the transportation and initial storage operation.

Pharma Refrigerators

To ensure that the right kind of storage equipment is used, the approved warehousing facility has to invest in good quality pharmaceutical refrigerators. It is necessary to also specify the size of this refrigerator depending on the quantum of medicines that will be stored at a specific point in time. Generally, there is a clear indication of how the temperature has to be maintained; this is usually done by having an electronic thermometer that gives clear and accurate readings. This thermometer is placed on the refrigerator door; this is to ensure that the door of the refrigerator is not open frequently thereby preventing any loss of ambient conditions that might compromise the drugs that are stored within it. All these things require highly qualified personnel and supervisors who can step in and carry out any kind of fire-fighting measures when necessary.

Outfits Or Uniforms

The use of specialized outfits or uniforms in approved drug warehousing facilities is also something that is regulated. It is not possible to issue uniforms that don’t fall within the approved or mandated guidelines of the competent authority. Just imagine a situation where the uniform that is being worn by a member of the staff is not conducive to moving around freely; it is also possible that it is made of a particular material that is not suitable for conditions where the temperatures are quite low. In such cases, the storage facility would have to make the required changes and ensure that their staff are clothed appropriately and do not face any problems because of non-mandated uniform supplies.

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